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The acquisition of Onehunga Wharf by Auckland Council is a great step forward in the plan to transform Onehunga and will have significant benefits for our community, says Maungakiekie MP Denise Lee.

“I have called for the development of Onehunga Wharf for a number of years now, so Auckland Council’s purchase is a welcomed move. The wharf will be one of the focal points in a new, revitalised Onehunga and is key to unlocking the Manukau Harbour.

“If we focus on creating a more attractive and central core, while retaining the area’s heritage and character, we have a real opportunity to transform Onehunga into one of Auckland’s leading suburbs.

“While I am pleased to hear of this announcement, which settles the issue of ownership, there is still a number of contributing factors that need to be dealt with before a bustling and activated Onehunga Wharf can become a reality. We are still a long way off.

“We need to be mindful that there are still uncertainties around the light-rail to the airport and any future East West Link. A light rail route that further cuts the Onehunga township off from the harbour, or congested local streets because the East West Link is not given the funding or prominence it needs, is the last thing residents want to experience.

“At this stage, we can’t get too excited about the Wharf’s purchase as we have no idea how it will work with other projects planned for the area. These need to fit within the overall Onehunga transformation story. Transport and place-making can't be two separate strands.

“I often hear from local residents that they are sick of being the ‘poor cousins’ in the city’s planning process. I will be working hard and keeping involved in this development to ensure that my electorate’s concerns are heard and addressed” Ms Lee says.

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